Since 1996, FiltaFry Plus the number one Total Fryer Management Service and Franchise in the world has been providing cooking oil micro filtration service and total fryer management service around the world to restaurants and other food establishments. FiltaFry’s “Green” services naturally preserve the environment by extending
the life of cooking oil with the FiltaFry service, turning waste cooking oil into biodiesel and reducing energy consumption and food waste. Filta services over 10,000 customers every week and has recycled over 150 million litres of oil… and counting, this is over 100 Olympic Size Swimming Pools.
Oxford Franchised Technician Steve Edwards was initially attracted to the FiltaFry Plus business by the exclusivity of the Oxford territory and the fact that it is based on weekly repeat visits. Servicing 45 customers per week, which equates to a weekly income of around £1,400, he is enjoying a more fulfilling and relaxed lifestyle than he did employed as a pharmaceuticals stock taker, and has now taken on his first employee allowing him to take his business to the next level.

Steve Edwards - Oxford